Trunk Shows | 5 Things For Every Bride To Know

We know how hectic and stressful it is to plan a wedding, especially when it comes to planning your own! At Twirl, we realize just how overwhelming it can be, so one thing we strive to make as stress-free as possible is finding the dress of your dreams! Finding your dream wedding dress is the BEST part of the wedding planning process, and a trunk show is just another way of doing so!

What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is an event, typically hosted at a local bridal boutique, where designers can showcase their best dresses! This allows you a chance to try on wedding dresses that may not typically be in our collection or a part of our collection at that time! It’s a slightly unique process that allows our brides to check out even more awesome dresses, but only for a limited amount of time!!

What do I need to know about trunk shows?

Before attending a trunk show, we have just a few things we’d like to share! This will hopefully help the process flow smoother, prevent any unexpected situations, and help you to decide if a specific trunk show is for you! 5 Things For Every Bride To Know:

1. Timeline For Ordering Wedding Dresses

Since you will be previewing dresses from a specific designer, we’ll take your measurements and custom order the dress after you say yes to the dress! We typically recommend starting to shop at least 9-12 months before your wedding because it usually takes about 4-6 months for a dress to be made and shipped to our boutique. This timeline just allows yourself a little extra room for any potential alterations too!

2. Featuring One Designer

Trunk shows typically only feature one designer at a time, so doing a little research about designers can definitely help you decide which shows are right for you! We absolutely love being able to bring this experience to our #twirlbrides , so if you have a specific designer that you’re drawn to keep your eyes open for an upcoming show near you!!

3. Exclusive Access To Featured Designs

A trunk show is an amazing opportunity to find an even more amazing dress! If you’re looking for something specific or something new to our shop, a trunk show can totally be the perfect place to start! Since a trunk show usually includes gowns that we don’t have in our collection at that time, it’s your chance to get exclusive access to those dresses too! 😊

4. Access To Our Full Collection – Plus Featured Designs

Even though a trunk show features one specific designer, you will still have access to the other dresses in our shop! The trunk show is really just another opportunity to check out more of that designer’s best dresses! Since these gowns are only in the shop for a limited amount of time, we always suggest trying them on – even if it’s not a style you had your heart set on! You truly never know how a dress can make you feel, until you try it on! 💞

5. Trunk Shows – By Appointment Only

An important thing to know is that trunk shows fill up super fast! We will always offer specific appointment times to ensure that everyone has a chance to work with one of our stylists and the opportunity to check out all the new wedding dresses too. Be sure to schedule your appointment quickly, so you can secure a spot today!

If you have any other questions regarding upcoming trunk shows, budgets/price points, Twirl’s designers, and more, feel free to give us a call today! (419) 674-4878

We can’t wait to see you!!

Twirl Giveaway Winner 2020

Twirl Gives Back: Meet Our 2020 Gown Giveaway Winner!

Did you know that every year, Twirl gives away a gorgeous bridal gown? Any bride who purchases a gown from Twirl in the calendar year is eligible to enter, and bonus entries are available if a bride brings in specified items to donate to a local charity of Twirl’s choice (this year, we asked for donations of hygiene products to Safe Haven of Hardin County). The winner of our giveaway has her gown paid for in full by Twirl!

We’re excited to announce the winner of our 2020 gown giveaway, Ashley Milhoan! We’re thrilled for Ashley, and so happy she shared a bit of her love story with us:

“After Russell and I rekindled an old friendship during undergrad, it didn’t take much for us to find excuses to keep seeing each other. Before long, we both knew our relationship was leading towards marriage. Russell and I were 150 miles apart while I finished nursing school and he started medical school, and it was during that time the pandemic swelled and graduation ceremonies were cancelled. Russell planned a graduation photoshoot for me to commemorate my graduation, but after some photos in my cap and gown, Russell proposed to me and of course I said YES!

Visiting Twirl on the recommendation of our friend Karyn, I worked with Ashley who helped me find the perfect dress. While sleeping off a night shift on a COVID unit, I was awoken to the news that Twirl had selected me to receive my wedding dress entirely for free! I already loved Twirl so much, and this gift shows how much Twirl is invested in the community they serve. Thanks to Twirl, I am blessed with the most beautiful dress!”

Congratulations to Ashley and Russell! Thank you for letting Twirl be part of your beautiful love story!

Wedding Planning Checklist

A Timeline For Your Wedding Attire

Congratulations! You’re newly engaged and excited to plan the wedding of your dreams. We know that the wedding planning process is a lot of fun, but can also feel a little overwhelming. Twirl is here to help! Our goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience shopping for your wedding dress, but we also want to help you after you say “yes” to your dream gown. 

That’s why we’ve created this wedding planning checklist that focuses solely on wedding attire. Follow these steps to help make sure you, your groom, and your wedding party are dressed to the nines for your big day.


Your wedding gown is more than a dress — it’s an expression of your love! We’re here to make sure your experience finding your dream dress is personalized and special. Follow this timeline to make the wedding dress shopping experience smooth and streamlined:

Step One: Research Wedding Dress Styles
Timeline: Right After Engagement

Are you the girl who has been dreaming of your wedding dress since childhood? You may already know exactly the style and silhouette you want! However, if that’s not the case, it’s fun to do some research before you start shopping. Take a look at magazines, Pinterest, and bridal sites to familiarize yourself with popular styles. You’ll be able to consider which styles match the vibe of your wedding, and which silhouettes will flatter your body. You can also check out Twirl Bride’s Instagram and Facebook for a little inspiration — we regularly post photos of our gorgeous gowns!

Step Two: Get Ready To Say Yes
Timeline: 10-12 Months Out From Wedding Day

There are so many exquisite wedding dresses to choose from — how do you know when to say yes to a dress? It helps to know your preferred dress style (see Step One), your price range, and your wedding timeline. If you can communicate this information to your bridal stylist, they’ll be able to guide you to the right dresses!

Keep in mind that if a bridal shop doesn’t have the exact dress in stock, it can take 4-6 months for your dress to arrive after they order it for you. When you factor in time needed for alterations, it’s best to choose your dress 10-12 months before your wedding. That said, we know some brides have a much shorter engagement timeline, and that’s okay! We have gorgeous off the rack options available that can go home with you the day you shop.

Step Three: Dress Shopping!
Timeline: 10-12 Months Out From Wedding Day

It’s time to find your dream dress! Your dress shopping experience should be personalized, relaxed, and fun. At Twirl, we’re excited to celebrate with you and your nearest and dearest as you find the perfect gown. Your bridal stylist will start with a consultation so you can share the silhouettes, styles, and designers you’re most interested in. Then, we’ll pull dresses that fit your price range, and set you up in a fitting area. 

As you try on dresses, your stylist will be nearby to help you with whatever you need. We can’t wait to celebrate with you and your crew once you find the perfect dress! 

Step Four: Wedding Dress Alterations
Timeline: 3-4 Months Out From Wedding Day

Are you ready to have your dream dress perfectly tailored? It’s smart to book your alterations appointment when you purchase your dress to ensure you have a place on the schedule. That way, you won’t have to worry about finding a time slot later down the line.

Helpful Tip: Bring your wedding shoes, undergarments and/or shapewear, and any other accessories you’ll be wearing on your wedding day to your alterations appointment. This will help your alterations specialist create the perfect fit!

Bonus: Wedding Dress Preservation
Timeline: After Your Honeymoon

Your gown is a special part of your wedding, and preserving it is a wonderful way to keep the memories of your wedding day intact. Wedding dress preservation kits make this process easy for you!

When you send your wedding gown to be preserved, it will be treated, cleaned, and repaired by experts. They’ll return your gown in a beautiful box that will allow you to admire it through the years while keeping it in pristine condition. This wedding dress preservation process is often less expensive than drycleaning, and ensures your dress is available for a daughter or granddaughter to someday walk down the aisle in! 

Twirl offers this service to our brides for the exclusive price of $199 — simply drop off your dress with us, and we’ll take care of the rest!


It’s time to celebrate your wedding with your best girls! You’ve asked your nearest and dearest to stand up with you on your big day — now comes the fun of choosing what they’ll wear! Follow this timeline to help make sure your bridesmaids are ready to shine alongside you on your wedding day:

Step One: Deciding Color and Style
Timeline: 8-10 Months Out From Wedding Day

It’s time to decide on the color and style of your bridesmaids dresses! There are so many styles to choose from, but most brides select a color and style that will coordinate with your wedding’s color palette and theme. You can choose the exact dress you want your bridesmaids to wear, or you can give them basic guidelines and allow them to find their own dresses. 

Step Two: Group or Individual Fittings
Timeline: 6-8 Months Out From Wedding Day

If all your girls live nearby and are purchasing their dresses from the same shop, a group fitting can be a lot of fun! However, if your bridesmaids live in different locations, encourage them to have their initial fitting well in advance of the wedding in case they need alterations. 

We have a beautiful selection of bridesmaids dresses at Twirl, with special incentives for Twirl brides. We’re happy to help your bridesmaids find their dresses!

Step Three: Alterations
Timeline: 2-4 Months Out From Wedding Day

Don’t forget the finishing touches to create the perfect fit for your bridesmaids’ dresses! If your girls are having alterations done, remind them to wear the undergarments and shoes they plan to wear on the big day when they have their alterations done (this ensures the correct fit).

Bonus: Add An Accessories Appointment
Timeline: Whenever You Can Get Everyone Together

Even if your bridesmaids aren’t getting their dresses from the same place, you can still have fun choosing accessories together. Matching jewelry is always a popular option!


Don’t forget the guys! Your groom and groomsmen need to look their best on the big day, so it’s important they leave enough time to find the perfect suit or tux! Here are a few things they need to consider: 

Step One: To Rent Or To Buy?
Timeline: 10-12 Months Out From Wedding Day

Deciding whether your groom and groomsmen will buy or rent a tuxedo or suit is a big decision. Your wedding is a great opportunity for your groom to invest in a classic custom suit or tuxedo that he can also wear for future occasions. However, this is usually more expensive than renting. A suit or tux rental is typically more cost effective, and also may be a better choice if your wedding has a unique style or theme.

For groomsmen, renting a tuxedo or suit is often the best option, especially if you want all the groomsmen dressed in the same style. At Twirl, we’re happy to help all the guys in your wedding party find the right suit or tux

Step Two: Tailoring
Timeline: 3-6 Months Out From Wedding Day

If the guys in your wedding party decide to purchase their suits or tuxes, make sure they go through the tailoring process several months in advance so that they’ll be ready to go on the big day.

If they decide to rent a suit or tuxedo, let them know to take their measurements first, or give them a list of shops that will help with measurements and fittings!


We hope this wedding planning checklist will help you keep an organized timeline for all things wedding attire! Just know, this timeline is a suggestion, so please adjust and adapt it to fit your unique wedding needs. If you’re planning your wedding in the Ohio area and are looking for the best bridal shop in Ohio, the Twirl team is here to help you find your dream wedding dress. Book an appointment to become a Twirl Bride today!


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