Meet The TWIRL Team…

We’re so happy you’re here! At TWIRL, we not only pride ourselves in our individual positions but our team as well!! The TWIRL Team is such a close knit crew & always works hard to help each other create the experience that is TWIRL bridal! Feel free to keep reading to learn a little more…

Laura – Owner of TWIRL Bridal & Prom

Have you met our AMAZING leader?! This is Laura, the owner of TWIRL bridal & prom! ♥️⁠

Eleven years ago, Laura dreamed of growing the small bridal shop she purchased into a place where people could come, from all over, to celebrate one of the most special times in their lives. TWIRL has become so much bigger than she imagined in just 11 years and isn’t stopping there! Laura inspires her team to celebrate love in every form, each and every day, & always makes sure that we’re ready to provide every #TwirlBride with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! 💍⁠

TWIRL wouldn’t be what it is today without this lady right here!!! 🍾

Sam – Office Manager

Sam has been a part of the TWIRL team for nearly six years & continues to create the perfect environment for all our brides! From being the first smiling face you see when walking in the door to managing all our appointment communication before you even get to the store, she is always willing to lend a listening ear!! If you ever have any questions about our schedule, your bridal appointment, or any updates related to your wedding day Sam is your girl! Feel free to give us a call & we will be sure to direct you to where you need to be!!

We’d be lying if we said we’re all work & no play though… One thing you may not know about Sam is that she’s an avid reality TV junkie & loves to read! If you’re usually “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” or checking in on any of “The Real Housewives,” don’t be afraid to ask her what she thinks about the most recent episodes too!! 😉

Ashley – Bridal Manager

Ashley is the glue that holds us all together! She’s always willing to help our beautiful brides make their dream wedding looks come true & encourages the TWIRL Team to do our best in every way! Ashley has been with TWIRL for 8 years & continues to embody the true image that TWIRL was built on. 

If you know her, then you know she loves learning about Enneagram numbers & is always willing to discuss all Enneagram types!! She is a type 2 (The Helper) with a wing 3. Type 2’s are very attentive, love meeting new people, and have a passion for serving others – which is the PERFECT explanation for why Ashley is amazing at what she does!! She truly does it all! ♥️

Don’t forget to let us know your Enneagram number/type too!!

Jessica – Master Stylist

Our Master Stylist Jessica has been helping brides find their dream dress at TWIRL for nearly 4 years!! If you have worked with Jessica or have the opportunity to, then you’re one lucky bride! She knows her way around every dress in the shop & can walk you through any creative ideas you may have for your big day!! Jessica has so much experience working with brides & even more life experience to go with it too.

She was born in Panama, has traveled all over the world & grew up in a military family! 🌎 The best part about Jessica is her big heart… She has so much love & compassion to share, especially with all of you!

We’d love to hear about all your favorite travels too! 

Nicole – Bridal Stylist

Nicole is the absolute best, especially when it comes to having a fun & memorable experience with our #twirlbrides!⁠ She is always willing to help our brides bring their vision to life and “say yes” to their dream dress! ⁠

When Nicole isn’t at Twirl, she’s usually keeping up with her family of 14. She’s one of 12 siblings and grew up in Iowa! Nicole is also a recent bride and is enjoying life as a newlywed, with her hubby & two miniature Australian Shepherds!! 🥰 Nicole’s love for her family, friends & animals is so beautiful… but her love for our #twirlbrides is just as amazing too!!

Are you a cat or a dog person!? We want to know!

Brooke Bridal Stylist

Brooke is newly engaged & just recently said ‘yes to the dress!’ We’re so lucky to have her chipper spirit in the shop with us & can’t wait for you to meet her too!! She’s originally from Pennsylvania & just moved here from New York. Let’s show her a warm Ohio welcome!! 

Have you ever wondered what barber school is like!? She can tell you all about it from being a licensed barber in New York too! 💋 

Ruthie – Bridal Stylist

Meet Ruthie! Ruthie has watched every season & series of “Say Yes to The Dress” & absolutely loves all things bridal! She has a wonderful husband & daughter, and enjoys spending her summers on the lake!! 

Ruthie is an absolute blast! If you’re a soon-to-be bride & would like the chance to work with her, feel free to let us know!! 🥳 What’s your favorite “Say Yes to The Dress” episode? 

Delaney – Bridal Stylist

Delaney has 2 beautiful daughters with her high school sweetheart & is a total sucker for romance!! She absolutely adores hearing all her brides’ loves stories & can’t wait to hear yours too! Delaney’s perfect date night or “night in” consists of watching a romantic comedy, while eating takeout with her sweetie.

Delaney has been an awesome addition to our team & we can’t wait for you to work with her too!

What’s your perfect date night!? ♥️

Grace – Quality Control Specialist

Have you met our AMAZING Quality Control Specialist Grace!? Grace has been a pivotal part of the TWIRL Team for nearly 6 years & does so much to keep our operations up & running! 

From checking, steaming, & recording every bridal & bridesmaid gown that comes through the door to specializing in “try-on” fittings with our brides once their gown has arrived, Grace is always there to help with any of our quality control & alteration needs! Grace doesn’t just work on gowns at TWIRL though. She has a degree in Fashion Design and often makes clothes in her spare time!! 

What’s your favorite pastime!? 👗

Hollie – Bridesmaids Specialist

Our Bridesmaids Specialist Hollie is here to bring all your bridesmaids ideas to life! She is seriously the best when it comes to working with you & your bride’s babes, and is always willing to make your time in our private Bridesmaids Suite the absolute best it can be!!

A little fun fact about this gal… She loves Korean food & is an amazing mother to 3 adult humans, who are the light of her life!! Hollie’s favorite quote is, “When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine,” which is incredibly fitting for this amazing lady! ☀️

If you have any questions about bridesmaids dresses, colors, or timelines feel free to let us know!! We’ll be sure to send you in the right direction! What’s your favorite quote!? ♥️

Bailey B – Prom Manager

Meet Bailey – our AMAZING Prom Manager!! Even though she has her own brand (@shoptwirl / www.shoptwirl.com), we totally love having her on our bridal floor as well!! This girl is amazing at working with our Prom Stylists, brand ambassadors, & formalwear inventory but she’s also awesome at helping to find the one that makes you TWIRL!

Bailey has the sweetest heart & she’s not afraid to stick up for herself either! She has 3 of the most adorable rescue pups in the whole world and a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, plus she’s working on getting her concealed carry.

What’s your favorite fun fact to share!? 🤪

If you know anyone looking for a homecoming or prom dress, feel free to let us know or check out our other Instagram page @shoptwirl!! Bailey would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 

Bailey P – Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Hey hey!! It’s Bailey here – Social Media & Marketing Coordinator for TWIRL!

If you’ve reached out to us on social media or engaged with any of our content/posts, then you’ve probably had a chance to chat with me! I love being able to assist all of you on social, but I love getting to know each of you even more! 🥰 You may even see me around the shop capturing some memories & #twirlmoments too!⁠ Don’t worry, if you share some memories with us or tag us in your own, I’ll be sure to try my best & share those as well! If you’d like to dive into our brand & get to know us a little more, check out our other blog posts!

Feel free to send us all your photos, love stories, & questions too!! I’d love to hear from all of you! (@twirlbridal)

A little bit about myself – I grew up showing horses & singing/dancing in show choir. I went on to get a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications, with a minor in Animal Sciences… & now I work in a bridal boutique!! All that to say, you never really know where life is going to take you! What does your story look like so far?

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