Real Bride Feature – Kelli Foulk

Love Story

How did you meet your significant other?

Very long story short, there was a grass fire out at my parents house, and DC is a fire fighter. When he came out to take care of the fire, I noticed him. My dad questioned him on if he had a girlfriend and his thoughts on horses. When DC went to leave the scene he stopped to tell me to call him, so I told him to give me his number. He tried to give me his home phone number but he finally gave me his cell phone number.

How did you get engaged? Who proposed to who?

We had a small bonfire that night with our parents and my best friend and maid of honor Taylor. He asked me as we were all sitting around the fire. I cried and immediately said yes!

Special Wedding Moments

What are your favorite memories from your wedding day?

One of my favorite moments of our wedding day was right before the ceremony. Everyone was finishing getting ready, lots of hustle and bustle going on, and I’m was just totally relaxed and lounging on the couch with my dog. Everyone was asking me if I was ready to get out there and worried about me not getting in a rush or being nervous, I was just enjoying relaxing in my dress with my dog, it’s not like they were going to start without me.

Another one of my favorite memories is dragging my husband, the photographers and videographers out in the rain to get shots with this beautiful pink sunset in the background, and then there was a rainbow. And to top it off we walked back into the tent dripping wet to do our first dance!

Advice For Future Brides

What is one piece of advice you can offer to other brides that are starting their wedding dress shopping experience?

Don’t rush yourself to find the perfect dress, it will all come together when it’s supposed to, it might take more than one trip and don’t be afraid to think way outside the box. It also helps when you have the totally amazing Ashley Gammon to help you.

How was your experience with us at TWIRL Bride?

Twirl has always treated me so well. I always have and always will be a Twirl Girl! From homecoming and prom, to getting my bridesmaids’ dresses to getting my wedding dress, and if I ever have an issue I’m taken care of.

Favorite Wedding Venders! 🌿

Wedding Photographer: @countryroadsphotographys1818 / Country Roads Photography

Wedding Videographer: @sagerosevideo / Sage Rose Video

Bridal Hair: @claitlins.hair / Caitlin Slonecker

Makeup: Dara Turner

Venue: Family Farm!

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