Trunk Shows | 5 Things For Every Bride To Know

We know how hectic and stressful it is to plan a wedding, especially when it comes to planning your own! At Twirl, we realize just how overwhelming it can be, so one thing we strive to make as stress-free as possible is finding the dress of your dreams! Finding your dream wedding dress is the BEST part of the wedding planning process, and a trunk show is just another way of doing so!

What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is an event, typically hosted at a local bridal boutique, where designers can showcase their best dresses! This allows you a chance to try on wedding dresses that may not typically be in our collection or a part of our collection at that time! It’s a slightly unique process that allows our brides to check out even more awesome dresses, but only for a limited amount of time!!

What do I need to know about trunk shows?

Before attending a trunk show, we have just a few things we’d like to share! This will hopefully help the process flow smoother, prevent any unexpected situations, and help you to decide if a specific trunk show is for you! 5 Things For Every Bride To Know:

1. Timeline For Ordering Wedding Dresses

Since you will be previewing dresses from a specific designer, we’ll take your measurements and custom order the dress after you say yes to the dress! We typically recommend starting to shop at least 9-12 months before your wedding because it usually takes about 4-6 months for a dress to be made and shipped to our boutique. This timeline just allows yourself a little extra room for any potential alterations too!

2. Featuring One Designer

Trunk shows typically only feature one designer at a time, so doing a little research about designers can definitely help you decide which shows are right for you! We absolutely love being able to bring this experience to our #twirlbrides , so if you have a specific designer that you’re drawn to keep your eyes open for an upcoming show near you!!

3. Exclusive Access To Featured Designs

A trunk show is an amazing opportunity to find an even more amazing dress! If you’re looking for something specific or something new to our shop, a trunk show can totally be the perfect place to start! Since a trunk show usually includes gowns that we don’t have in our collection at that time, it’s your chance to get exclusive access to those dresses too! 😊

4. Access To Our Full Collection – Plus Featured Designs

Even though a trunk show features one specific designer, you will still have access to the other dresses in our shop! The trunk show is really just another opportunity to check out more of that designer’s best dresses! Since these gowns are only in the shop for a limited amount of time, we always suggest trying them on – even if it’s not a style you had your heart set on! You truly never know how a dress can make you feel, until you try it on! 💞

5. Trunk Shows – By Appointment Only

An important thing to know is that trunk shows fill up super fast! We will always offer specific appointment times to ensure that everyone has a chance to work with one of our stylists and the opportunity to check out all the new wedding dresses too. Be sure to schedule your appointment quickly, so you can secure a spot today!

If you have any other questions regarding upcoming trunk shows, budgets/price points, Twirl’s designers, and more, feel free to give us a call today! (419) 674-4878

We can’t wait to see you!!

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